Used for upgrade of coaxial CCTV camera systems.

As IP cameras are getting popular, some old existing cables are coaxial cables, these devices are used to turn a coaxial cable into a network cable. So IP cameras can transmit through existing coaxial cable.

cables can be telephone wires, CAT5E and coaxial cables.

for 300 meters distance, coax cable: 75Mbpos; cat5e: 65Mps telephone wires: 50Mbps.

for 1500 meters distance, coax cable: 30Mbps; cat5e: 25Mbps; telephone wires: 10Mbps.

One pair (two units) as per photo.

Power supply 12V DC (not included)

Ethernet Over Coaxial Cable Up to 1500 meters (45NET2COAX)

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